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    Benefits of becoming an  A V O N  Customer...
1. Amazing  A V O N  product range at keen prices.
2. Free home delivery by Local  A V O N  Sales Rep.
3. 100%, 28-day, money back if not delighted.
4. 18 Personally delivered Brochures each year.
  Now... contact Richard on Tel: 01794-3413405


Social Media Engagement (SME)

 In order to get attention, an  A V O N  Rep will deliver sales brochures door to door. This presents an opportunity to deliver a personalised note. Below is note #1 which Richard is delivering with  A V O N  brochure 06-2013...

 Hello… with this  A V O N  brochure, I am offering a  F R E E  300ml bottle of  A V O N  ‘Senses’ liquid hand soap (a £2 value; page 199 in 06-2013) to every new customer who places an order of £5 or more before Monday, 15th April.

 A V O N  make an exciting range of personal products for Men, Women and Children, including ‘Senses’ shower gels, ‘Naturals’ body lotions and ‘Anew’ lipsticks and make-up.

 To avoid inconveniencing you today, I am leaving the brochure at your address for a few days with the intention of collecting it later. Please leave it in a convenient location.

 A V O N  b6 is special… See why…

 Kind Regards from Richard Parsons -

Your local Independent  A V O N  Representative. #1.

Social Engagement Online (SEO)

 By encouraging online interactions, an  A V O N  Rep will help customers to use the virtual  A V O N  Brochure for order placement. Below is note #2 which Richard is using to promote his  A V O N  Products Distribution Business online...

 My first 15 Sales Campaigns as an  A V O N  Rep, since June 2012, have been a lot of fun and I’ve made many new friends, some very close to where I live in West Dean.

 Alesha Dixon’s interview in the Mail on Sunday’s ‘Live’ magazine epitomises the ethos of the  A V O N  business opportunity and illustrates why she is a worthy ambassador for the iconic  A V O N  brand. See:

 Do please give me a call on 01794-341405, send an email to or connect with me on Facebook. I am easily googled and I will do my best to respond within 72 hours.

 Being an enthusiastic user of the Internet and Social Media, I always aim to be Open, Random and Supportive (#ORS).

Kind Regards from Richard at West Dean. #2.

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